Thursday, April 26, 2012

random pictures and a few thoughts

 Favorite Band EVER!!!! EYB! Highways and Broken Hearts is a great song... LOvE it!
Ready for Summer with flip flops and holey jeans
 Flowers a co-worker made me :)
 This is Aaron... he is addicted to Hockey.
 This is me and I am addicted to Instagram.
 A red Chevy. Word.
 Ladybug!!! I saw this little guy as I was playing Frisbee Golf.
 Old school fire truck. Pretty rad.
 Playing Frisbee Golf last week... it was SUCH a pretty day.
 Center Street Deli... it's in Provo and it's delicious.
 Biggest bottle of hot sauce ever.
 The Beatles. Classic.
Don't dump here.

Hey y'all! I am so ready for warm hot weather. I was able to play Frisbee golf last Saturday with Skyler and Carlie. We had a blast!!! It was like, 85 degrees! They thought it was hot... but I thought it was perfect. I am so excited for Summer and heat and flip flops and ice cold lemonade and BBQ's and trips to the lake and tan skin and watermelon! Heck yes... bring it on! After we played hippie golf Carlie left for a girls night so Sky and I hiked up around Bridal Veil Falls. It was pretty much the We always have a good time.

Work has been good. I am still learning all the small things that only come up on occasion. I feel pretty comfortable when it comes to the routine, everyday things. It's what we call "rush" right now with all the BYU/UVU students moving in and out of Provo. They call.... ME.... (well along with about 10-12 others that can do what I can except they do it better!!! lol) to set up their accounts. So yeah, it's been busy. I like being busy though. It makes the day go by so much faster! I love looking up and it being 5:55pm... that means I am only 5 minutes away from heading out the door to go home :) always a nice feeling... ahhhh sweet freedom.

Wwweeeeeelllllllllllppppp, until next time...

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